Meet The Band

Shaftesbury Town Silver Band

The Band Hall, Bleke Street, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 8QA

Registered Charity 272454

Meet Shaftesbury Town Silver Band

The Band comprises of many players of various ages and standards, please meet them below:

The Musical Director


Mr Martin Hill - Musical Director

The Cornet Section


Mrs Jenny Lee -

Principal Cornet

Mr Stuart Chapman -

Solo Cornet

Mr Colin Lee -

Soprano Cornet

Mrs Stephanie Sanders -

Solo Cornet

Mr Jon Huxley

Repiano Cornet

Miss Robyn Chapman -

Solo Cornet

Mrs Diana Frith-

Repiano Cornet / 2nd cornet

Mrs Clare Chapman -

2nd Cornet

Mr Matt Carter

3rd Cornet

Master Zack Hughes -

3rd Cornet

The Flugel Horn Section

The Horn Section

Mr Alex Drake -

Flugel Horn

Miss Anna Penny

Solo Horn

Mrs Beki Lowe-

1st Horn

Mr Glyn Chapman

2nd Horn

The Baritone Section

Mrs Elaine Rodgers

1st Baritone

Mr Andy Smith

2nd Baritone

The Euphonium Section

Mrs Zena Ward-

Principal Euphonium

Mr Greg Lowe-

2nd Euphonium

The Trombone Section


Mrs Helen Jefferies

1st Trombone

Mr Ian Burns

1st Trombone

Mr Andy Ferry -

1st Trombone / Bass Trombone

The Bass Section


Mr Neil Harvey  -

2nd Trombone

Mr Seamus Thresh-

Bass Trombone

Mr Philip Elsworth -

Eb Bass

Mr Martin Frith -

Eb Bass

Mrs Tracey Hill -

Eb Bass

Mr Gary Rodgers -

Bb Bass

Mr Michael Gatehouse

Bb Bass

The Percussion Section


Mr Andrew Bartlett

Mr Matthew Spencer